Glass Pen by Kawanishi Glass – Simple Jyuuni

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Kawanishi Glass
Glass pen “Simple Jyuuni (十二)

The three-dimensional patterns encapsulated in the glass are unique and beautiful. Our pens offer a smooth and soft writing experience that requires very little pressure. The deep grooves in the tip allow for a long-lasting writing experience with consistent ink flow, whether the tip has just been dipped in ink, or coming to the end of its supply.

*We are afraid we do not accept returns or exchanges unless the item you purchased is defective because our products are very delicate.
*We ship the product by USPS priority mail with the insurance. 

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【Message From Kawanishi Glass】

Glass dip pens originated in Japan. As the name indicates, it is a writing instrument where you dip in ink to write.
The glass dip pens from Kawanishi Glass are all individually made by hand, from the tip to the stem, using borosilicate glass.
Borosilicate glass is light and harl, so it is possible to make highly durable, ware-resistant glass dip pens.
Each pen goes through a thorough check including a writing test before it is delivered to your door.
As the moment intricate and critical part of the pen, we pay particular attention to the tip of the pen. Each groove of glass is painstakingly crafted by hand.
Unlike fountain pens or metallic calligraphy pens, glass dip pens allow you to write on all 360 degrees sides of the pen.
Through capillary action from the deep grooves on the tip, you will get consistent ink flow from the beginning to the end.
Our highly crafted glass dip pens are very smooth to write with, and allow you to write between 300 to 500 letters  (200 – 300 words) with each dip.
A single glass dip pen will give you the pleasure of enjoying a limitless number of inks.

【About after servicing】

At Kawanishi Glass offer repair services to make sure you can enjoy your glass tip pen without any trepidations.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you accidentally chip your pen during use.
When you order to repair your pen, we charge the repairing fee and shipping fee. The price depends on the damage.
Please understand, however, that depending on the severity of the damage, three may be situations where the pen is not repairable.




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